Roll by Roll: Highlights from my forth roll

For my forth roll I picked up some Portra 400. I’d seen so many great pictures with it and had to try it out myself. Subsequently it took me so long to finish this film! It spans across several weeks and came with me too the top of Mount Snowden, Bath, Jersey and everything in between. I mean the film was quite expensive so maybe I was a little over protective of it – maybe I really wanted to make sure each shot was as good as the ones i’d been looking at!

It goes without saying that this film is beautiful. I am extremely happy with how my pictures came out in this run, I do have to give credit to being able to shoot at some great places though.

During this roll I switched between a 50mm lens and a 35mm lens – I really love having them both on me just for being able to shoot the slightest bit wider.


Mona sits on the bank of a lake at the foot of Mount Snowden in North Wales


Mist moving down the side of Mount Snowden


A calm lake at the bottom of Mount Snowden

Soon after our trip to North Wales Mona joined me and my family on a trip back to Wales to visit Tredegar House, moving onto Castle Coch.

I’ve been trying to capture a shot like this for a long time. Superia, while great, didn’t exactly get me what I was after. I tried again with Portra and definitely achieved what I wanted.


Light shining into the dinning room at Castle Coch


I should of stole this jacket while I had the chance


Branches silhouetted in the sky


Mona stands on a trail lined with trees


Public transport in Bristol


The Little Theatre, Bath. Built 1935


A woman poses for a picture with a pigeon street performer in Bath

I am pretty proud of this next picture. It’s really the first time i’ve featured real people and exposed myself as a photographer. I like the concept of street photography but lack the confidence to be seen being a photographer.

(If this man turned his head and looked at me i’d of ran away so fast!) 


A man reads the newspaper in a Café in Jersey

I’ve already started on my next roll of film, i’m actually just pretty late on posted this highlight. (sorry). I started studying at University at the start of September and with my studies I have the option to join societies. Societies which focus on photography and supply access to a darkroom and FREE DARKROOM SUPPLIES…for black and white. In light of this I picked up some Kodak Tri-x 400 with the intension to push it two stops to 1600.

I’m really excited to see how it turns out and especially to be involved in the whole development process!


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