Roll by Roll: Highlights from my third roll

I actually finished my second roll of film while still holidaying in St. Ives, not wanting to miss any great photo opportunities I checked out a local camera shop to restock the ol’ shooter.

I wanted to change it up a bit, I’ve shot a lot of Superia 400 at this point, not that I dislike it of course! The shop had a pretty decent selection – the majority of my research into different films centres around looking at the hashtag Instagram, for example: Superia 400. I find it really helpful to see how and what kinda situations the film is, and can be used.

I was torn between Ektar 100 and Superia 200, ultimately I went with the Superia 200 – I know this isn’t much of a change from Superia 400 but it was a safer choice as I was quite tight on funds! #staybrokeshootfilm

Anyway, I didn’t actually end up shooting anything else after the first film while in St. Ives so when I got back I had a whole roll to play with! I had a few things in mind that I’d wanted to try for a while, I gained a lot of inspiration through finding some great photographers on Instagram.

Cheap date #35mm

A photo posted by Erica Snyder (@snyder.erica) on Aug 2, 2016 at 1:00pm PDT

Erica Snyder’s shots in low light, featuring beautifully captured neon signs and coloured lighting really made me want to head out in the dark with my camera hunting for any sources of neon light I could find. I did manage to find some, however I might have to look a litter harder to start taking shots of the same calibre as Erica.

Cabot Circus Car Park at Night
Walk Way at Night
Coffee & brunch
Burgers and Beers

I feel that minimilism and film photography lead themselves to eachother so well. There are a whole lot of photographers I could feature here as my inspiration but by far @joanapol has been the most inspirational.

#analog #filmisnotdead #ifyouleave #oftheafternoon

A photo posted by Joana Polonia (@joanapol) on Jul 30, 2016 at 7:40am PDT


I wanted to head out and constantly look for lines, in architecture, nature and designs. See how I could shoot shots differently to how I normally would to leave more dead-space. As well as minimalism, shooting street scenes and the everyday.

Lunch at the Tuk Tuck
An empty Saint Nicolas’s Market




Meal at The Pig

I may not of completely nailed all the aesthetics with this roll but I think have the art is thinking the right way, which I feel I’m starting to grasp.

The last thing I really wanted to achieve with the roll was another double exposure…intentionally this time!


So here I 100% tried to take a double exposure! I wanted the silhouette of College Green Cathedral, filled with the basket of flowers in the surrounding garden. The added exposure of Mona and Danishia on top of Dundry Hill watching the Bristol Balloon Fiesta was not intended! Cool none the less but one day I’ll get it right!

That’s it for my favourite shots of the roll, I finished of the roll on a walk up Crooks Peak where we found some wild horses standing around the top happy to pose for pictures. While attempting to rewind my roll of film I opened the back of the camera and exposed some of the film to daylight…AGAIN. Undeniably a mistake I did end up with some cool effects, but I know there are some great shots I lost.




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