Roll by Roll: Highlights from my second film

My second roll of Superia 400 started on a trip to Lyme Regis and ended on a holiday in St. Ives a week or so later. I have mixed feelings about this roll as a whole. I’ll start with highlighting my favourite shots:


What I would call a pretty generic picture, but regardless the colours are still amazing and I have a cool lens flare in the top left. The composition could be a little better but it can be easily cropped.


Minimalism is simplicity, simplicity is love.


Nice colours and I like the composition I got here. Could I have made the windows look better with the polarizer I just found in my camera bag?


My beautiful constant model.


Abbey Road in Polperro. Film seems to capture people and lively scenes so well!


I took a lot of pictures of the coast line in St. Ives, this is my favourite of the selection even though I feel the exposure and framing are slightly off.

That concludes my favourites from the roll, here are the out-of-focus, over-exposed left overs!


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