Roll By Roll: Canon Bristol Instameet

To say I was chucked into the deep end for my first ever roll of film is quite the understatement!

I was lucky enough to be a +1 to someone who was invited to Canon’s Instagram meet in Bristol this weekend. Being the anti-establishment, super cool king of edginess I am I decided that rather than borrowing one of the modern era cameras they had available I’d show up with my AE-1 and fill out another roll of film.


The meet started at the M-Shed, giving me this amazing view of the harbour and the rest of Bristol behind it. The double exposure was not by choice but it came out really well placing Mona in the heart of Bristol!


Soon after we walked to Bristol’s oldest theatre, The Bristol Old Vic, we were shown around the new, underdevelopment bar area. I don’t know what I was going for with this crop, I feel a step backward would have got me the whole sofa and picture frame in the shot nicely. The image in the picture frame was blurry in real life, however some corrections to my settings would have captured the areas behind the sofas clearer for a better image overall.

This is also where I realised I might be in trouble as the rooms got darker and darker!



And then complete darkness!

As we got into the stands the cast of King Lear were doing a rehearsal which we were allowed to watch, and photograph, for a while.

I had absolutely no idea how these pictures would come out, I believe I was shooting at around 1/30 and hoping for the best. This is my favourite shot from the King Lear sequence, I really like the silhouette in front of the stage and the pose of the girl in the back line. For comparison here are the others I took in the stand.



Thanks for letting us watch!




From the Old Vic were hopped on a private bus which then drove us to the next destination. It definitely turned a lot of heads! I couldn’t fit the image I wanted to get landscape so adjusted and shot vertically, however I do prefer the line of people in the landscape shot I feel the vertical shot is better overall.


Here I am getting fancy people-catching. Third is by far one of my favourite pictures ever taken – I love the depth of field here and the reflections on the roof of the bus.


The next stop was a pyrotechnics show by Cirque Bijou! There wasn’t really anyway I was going to be able to capture what was going on well enough on my film – I gave it a go and got pretty much what I expected I would.


We ended the meet at The Forge, Bristol. It was a pretty little room which soon was full of people and giant camera lenses, becoming impossible to take any kind of authentic picture. Oh well. I don’t like the crop here at all and I think I was pretty much exhausted of being around so many people and it started showing in the pictures I was taking.

The day overall was very enjoyable and I got to meet a ton of new people! Thanks again to Canon for organising everything, you’re the best!

I do want this series to be very analytical, and include every frame. The keen-eyed will notice there are not 36 pictures above this point! The rest are at the bottom of the post

The remaining frames were taken at the gig I went to a few days later, again dark settings but the pictures came out cool.


That concludes my second roll of film. I have really struggled with getting things in focus, I find the recital on the ae-1 quite difficult, you can see in the gig pictures that some shots are just completely out of focus. I think I’ll get better with it after a bit more use – I also need to spend a bit more time checking my compositions. On a lot of the shots I feel a few minor adjustments would have made the whole image better.

On to the next roll!

(the extras)





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